Compact pocket filters are made of break-resistant synthetic-organic fibres and microfibres - no glass fibres. The filter pockets are leak-free welded and foam-sealed into the front frame to preclude dust breakthrough. High dust holding capacity and long useful lifetime are ensured by the progressive or 3-layered progressive structure of the filter media as well as the inherent rigidity of the filter pockets. The low average pressure drops and optimised aerodynamics together with full utilisation of the filtering area available result in reduced energy costs. Viledon Compact pocket filters ensure maximised functional reliability even under temporary overloading and are maintenance-free over their entire operational lifetime. They are non-corroding, moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity, thermally stable up to 70°C, with temporary peaks up to 80°C, and disposal-friendly. Viledon Compact pocket filters are microbiologically inactive and meet all hygiene requirements for HVAC systems.
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