MaxiPleat filters, produced with a patented thermal embossing process, are available in filter classes F6 to H12. A complementary pair of rollers simultaneously embosses conical dimples and the subsequent pleat backs into a heated micro-glassfibre paper. The glassfibre paper contains a thermoplastic bonder, which becomes fluid during the embossing process and then hardens again, fixing the embossed structures in the paper. The embossed dimples create the spaces between the pleats in the finished pleat pack, i.e. after pleating the filter medium keeps itself spaced. The aerodynamic pleat geometry and the 250 mm pleat depth result in optimised flow conditions with low pressure drops even at high air flows. The high dust loading capacity and stability of the MaxiPleat filters ensure long service lifetimes and maximum operational reliability. Gripping-lugs facilitate installation and exchange. The filter elements are lightweight, corrosion-free and moisture-resistant up to 100% rel. humidity.
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