Depth-loading cartridges are used in supply air filtration systems for turbomachinery both on and off-shore. They are particularly successful, whenever the cleaning of surface-loading filter cartridges does not produce any effective reduction in pressure drop, because the dust concentrations are too low and/or the dusts concerned are too sticky. Depth-loading filter cartridges are not designed for (pulse-jet) cleaning. Their filter media are high-performance nonwovens from in-house production, made of synthetic-organic fibres. The progressive structure of the filter media ensures high arrestance and high dust holding capacity, low pressure drop plus very cost-efficient operation. The filter cartridges provide an optimised ratio between filtering area, fold depth and number of folds. Due to the high rigidity of the filter medium, the folds remain stable even at high pressure drops. The plastic cartridge versions are corrosion-free, very light-weight, and fully incinerable, since there are no metal parts. 100% moisture-resistant, temperature-resistant up to 70°C.
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